Maverick’s meal is first of its kind in Pune city. As the name suggests, Maverick’s is different in its concept and approach.
The concept is the brain child of Dr. Prashant Madane and developed over a period of 8 years of rich experience in diets and training. It is implemented and supervised by Managing Director and entrepreneur Mrs.Kusum Bhargava, who has given her MIDAS touch to the approach towards Taste, Quality and On Time Delivery.

We provide a clean diet with well planned distribution of macros and at the same time doing justice with your taste buds. People who are building lean muscles or who are trying to loose fat often follow harsh diets designed by dieticians or nutritionists and it becomes very difficult to prepare all these meals every day at home and make them tasty as well without disturbing their calories and nutritional value. Hence, after some time they abandon these diets or follow them half heartedly. That’s why we have introduced Maverick’s meals in Pune to overcome the above mentioned hurdles. We at Maverick’s, aim to provide you with creative and well crafted menus full of fusion and flavours that provide the taste, nutrition and counted calories, thus making it easier to follow your diet and achieve your goals.

Our diet plans have been designed by Dr. Prashant Madane who is a well-known internationally certified trainer, dietician and bodybuilder himself. He has trained many national and international athletes and his designed diets have benefitted many famous bodybuilders, models (males and females), wrestlers and athletes. He doesn’t believe in following harsh or fad diets or going against the natural laws of the body. He believes in easy and tasty diet plans which maintain healthy ratio of carbs , proteins, fat and fiber. According to him regular physical exercise is equally important along with proper diet to remain fit and healthy.

Maverick’s diet plans are based on maintaining all macros, e.g. healthy ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. Our diet plans are based on 1600-2000 calories per day which is the daily requirement of a healthy person.

The ingredients used to prepare meals are from best sources, e.g. Carbohydrates are from Ragi, whole wheat and multigrains that are moderate/low glycemic index keeping the insulin levels minimum (but not drastically low) throughout the day which reduces chances of excess fat gain.

Proteins are from chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, black beans, Greek yoghurt etc. having the best bioavailability.

Fats(used in required quantity only) are from olive oil and flex seeds that are full of omega 3-6-9 . They are required for healthy functioning of heart by maintaining healthy Cholesterol levels and help in fat loss also.

Fiber requirement is fulfilled from nutritious vegetables, fruits and greens providing minerals and vitamins also.

We are basically following nature,not any fad diet which are drastically low in carbohydrates and fats. Our diet plans maintain nutrition by adding twist of taste in our meals which won’t make you feel that you are following any calories restricted diet.

We hope to achieve our aim of providing you with the best of healthy and tasty meals.

Mrs. Kusum Bhargava
Managing Director, Maverick's


Dr. Prashant Madane

Internationally certified trainer, Dietician and Bodybuilder